Speakers & Seminars

Seminar sessions will start at 7:45pm and 8:30pm. Seating for the sessions is limited. The seminar rooms are located in the hallway with coat check and the room elevators.
Previous Speakers & Seminars


Seminar Room 1

George Dickel Historical Journey and Future Thinking

Adrienne Feinberg
Regional Brand Ambassador, Breakout Growth Brands

Explore George Dickel whiskies and unearth the rare character we put into every bottle. Brand Educator, Adrienne Feinberg, will immerse you in the iconic history of the brand, Nicole Austin’s reign as Master Distiller, and how we are moving forward in an ever changing world.

Seminar Room 2

Bourbon & Boards – St. Louis Style

Kristie Duve
Event Manager & Brand Ambassador, Rabbit Hole

This tasting will be a delectable journey through Rabbit Hole’s one-of-a-kind bourbon & rye whiskeys amongst local charcuterie of St. Louis. We’re bringing in the local experts to show you how to perfectly pair your favorite bites with bourbon in this sensory workshop.

Seminar Room 3

Irish Whiskey: Past, Present, and Future

Gareth Jordan
National Brand Ambassador, Teeling Irish Whiskey

Teeling Irish Whiskey: Past, Present, and Future. A journey of Teeling Irish Whiskey inspired by both traditional and unconventional techniques in distillation and maturation. Enjoy the creation of small batch bottlings never tasted before. True Irish Whiskey located in the heart of Dublin.

Seminar Room 4

Barreling Beyond

Keith Meyer and Tom Anderson
Head Gin Distiller and Master Distiller, Pinckney Bend Distillery

Many are familiar with what American White Oak does with whiskey, but when you own a distillery in the middle of wine country you learn to push the limits. Learn and taste your way through the art of secondary aging and how different spirits and bases interact. This seminar will include samplings of barrel strength products.


Seminar Room 1

Makers Mark: Innovation with a Purpose

Blake Layfield
Head of Innovation, Blending and Quality, Makers Mark Distillery

Maker’s Mark innovation integration. Discussing how the Makers Mark single barrel program initiated the innovation program and the incorporation of wood science through local company ISC.

Seminar Room 2

The Pot Still: Old Methods that Create Better Whiskey

Royce Neeley
Master Distiller, Hidden Barn Whiskey

The world’s youngest distillery owner and master distiller of Neeley Family Distillery, Royce Neeley delves into the ins and outs of what makes pot stills the premier tool for flavor production in Kentucky whiskey.

Seminar Room 3

Aberfeldy: Discover the Golden Dram from the Highlands of Scotland

Scott Jenkins
Single Malt Ambassador

Aberfeldy is rooted in craftsmanship and inspired by tradition while pushing the boundaries of Scotch Whisky forward. Come discover why we “spare no expense” in our mission to keep crafting our gold standard Highland Single Malt.

Seminar Room 4

Rectify My Love – A Story of American Whiskey

Ryan Maybee
Co-Founder & Managing Director, J. Rieger & Co. ; President- Missouri Craft Distillers Guild

A journey through the history of American Rectified Whiskey, exploring the methods (both the good and the bad), how it all led to the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 and its vanishing during the Prohibition Era. This discussion and archaeological narrative covers brands and names of some of the most influential pioneers in the world of Bourbon and American Whiskey, while also introducing new, recently uncovered information and aspects of this historic whiskey making process. The seminar includes a tasting of Rieger’s award-winning flagship whiskey, Kansas City Whiskey and the limited Monogram Solera Reserve whiskey, including individual components that are the foundational blocks of the whiskeys themselves. Ryan has delivered this presentation dozens of times, including at some of the largest spirits and cocktail conferences in the world, including Tales of the Cocktail.